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Dangerous Goods International Expands in Australia, United Kingdom

Posted March 3, 2015 04:43 PM 

Sydney, Australia – 04/03/2015: Dangerous Goods International (DGI) today announced the official openings of three new offices throughout Australia and the United Kingdom.

The new offices, located in the cities of Adelaide and Darwin in Australia, and Manchester in the United Kingdom, extend DGI’s network of offices already operating in those domestic markets. “We are aiming to consolidate our position in the Australian and UK markets, offering services across a broader geographic scope,” said Christian Lindsay, DGI General Manager. “The new Manchester office will complement our London station, giving us better access to the UK’s north, while the openings in Adelaide and Darwin mean we have a presence in all the large Australian state capitals.”

DGI Adelaide, Darwin and Manchester will all offer dangerous goods transportation services, as well as packing services, documentation and specialty packaging.

About DGI

Dangerous Goods International (DGI) is a specialist provider of logistics services for dangerous goods and temperature sensitive materials.

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Sydney, Australia, DGI possesses fifteen offices located throughout Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Bahrain, South Africa, Singapore, Nigeria and France, and operates an agent network covering more than 180 countries.

Proficient in all nine classes of dangerous goods, DGI’s logistics capacity comprises a wide range of services including dangerous goods transportation, packaging, packing, documentation, consultancy, incident control and training.

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